Saturday, January 20, 2007

Peace Activists Looking Seriously at John Edwards

"I think some of us (peace activists) are taking a good, hard, long look at him. I'm not at the point of making a decision (on who to support for president), but I certainly like some of the things he's saying about Iraq."

- Eloise Cranke, peace activist from Des Moines, Iowa

An article at Radio Iowa today explains that peace activists are beginning to see John Edwards as a presidential candidate they would consider for 2008.

In the article, there are statements by Elazabeth Edwards, wide of the former Senator, that drive home the amazing power that a simple, heartfelt apology can hold. The statement is regarding John Edwards' Washington Post op-ed, The Right Way in Iraq, written over a year go.
Edwards' wife, Elizabeth, says she's watched her husband struggle with the issue and the turning point came in 2005 when Edwards authored an opinion piece. "He wrote a version and then of course, the staff goes at it and they took out the 'I was wrong' and he said 'No, I've got to start with "I was wrong."' Maybe it's lots of good years as a husband where you teach them that they have to say that," Mrs. Edwards says. "Whatever it is, he knew he had to say he was wrong."

She says her husband argues that "holding on to the lie" makes it impossible to find the right solution.
There are lies in our own lives we sometimes have held onto for too long. It's only in admitting that they were lies that we can begin letting them go.


Frederick said...

He's looking better everyday, especially after today.

Larry said...

I still think Edwards is the sleeper that will slip in while all the focus is on Hillary and Obama.

Iddybud said...


Long time "no see..."

How are things?

With all this surgetalk, I often sit and think about you - and hope you aren't sent back to Iraq. Yet, I know somebody's going to be - some of these American brothers or sisters in arms, and it's bugging the crap outta me. I'm praying that our Democrats get nothing less than REAL on the issue and get us out within six months.

Can they? Yes, I think so...if they act decisively--now.

Will they???

I don't want to hear about troop numbers. 20K here, 20K there. Like Sen Hagel said, they aren't beans. They're humans. And the policy is a Grade-A dud - filled with misleadings and half-measures. (But I know I don't need to tell you that, my friend). If BushCo refuses to shit, they need to get us off the pot.

Hi there!
And Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

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