Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Without Law Enforcement, Iraq is Lost Cause

From the New York Times breaking news:
Unveiling its latest human rights report on Tuesday, the United Nations chided the government for allowing killers, some of them inside the security forces, to go unpunished.

"Without significant progress on the rule of law, sectarian violence will continue indefinitely and eventually spiral out of control," the U.N. human rights chief in Baghdad, Gianni Magazzeni, told a news conference.
Today we learn that 60 people, mostly bright young women, have been slaughtered by a suicide bomber at a Baghdad university in retaliation for the SaddamCo hangings. Another 110 students were seriously wounded.
Who will ever obtain justice for ending those beautiful women's lives?
How will they obtain justice? More killing by U.S. troops in more civil war?
What's that solving?
Who is being convinced? Surely not U.S. citizens. Surely not Iraqi citizens. Surely not the international community.

Over 34,000 Iraqi citizens were killed by violence in 2006 alone. That's over 10 times the number of those killed in New York City on 9/11, and the government of Iraq never had one thing to do with 9/11.

What a disaster.

A "crackdown" in Baghdad with only 21,000 more U.S. troops, embroiling America more deeply in Iraq's ever-growing sectarian fight and making moving targets of our servicemen and women, will clearly not allow the Iraqi government the ability to show Iraqis that the rule of law means a damn.

President Bush is going to have to stop these half-measures and either commit our nation fully in this Civil War of Iraq 2007, or he's going to have to tell the Iraqi government to make immediate compromises and reconciliation so the rule of law - whatever laws and oil-revenue-deals they sit down and compromise on - can begin to be implemented....and we begin to redeploy U.S. troops.

Where there is no recognition of law, there is only lawlessness.

It's high time for Bush to sh*t or get off the pot.

We started this war the wrong way, we mismanaged the war, and now the war has a completely different face. It is not the action for which our Senators gave their good faith consent and authority in 2002. That authority needs to be rescinded.

This is not "cut and run."

This is "get real and deal."

We need to redeploy the right way.

We need to start doing it now, and we know our President isn't listening to reason.

What do we do?


TomCat said...

The way I see it, Bush will not listen to the voters, the Congress or anyone else. The only way to get the administration to act in the interest of the people is to replace the pResident. Just Bush won't cut it, because Cheney is just as bad. So my suggestion is impeach Cheney and Bush. Only then can we begin withdrawal.

BTW, I added you to my 'Blogs U Like' list at PP. Pardon the delay. I've been a bit swamped.

TomCat said...

OOPS! Make that 'Blogs I Like'

Iddybud said...



I, too, am way behind the eight-ball on getting my sidebar updated.

Take one look at my old sidebar and you'll see what I mean. I want to transfer a lot of these links over to this current blog. Soon, I hope! I added yours today.

TomCat said...

Thanks Jude. If I actually explored your sidebar, I think I'd have to give up my blog until 2012. ;-)