Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Zogby Poll: Edwards Leads Dem Pack in Iowa

According to the latest Zogby Poll, John Edwards is still way out ahead in Iowa.


Larry said...

Edwards has been quietly visiting each state, spending time actually helping in New Orleans, instead of the Presidential photo op.

Edwards will surprise everyone except those who follow him close.

TomCat said...

I'm still undecided, but considering what the GOP has to offer, if the Dems put up a retarded chimpanzee with terminal flatulence, that monkey will have my vote.

Larry said...

I am not happy that Edwards originally supported the war, but he is the only one with the guts to stay he was wrong, where the others are trying to sway around the issue.

Edwards speaks more to the issues that affect ordinary people, especially those in the workplace and I am on board with him.

Jude Nagurney Camwell said...


You surely do have a way with words LOL ;)

larry - I couldn't agree more. If you were to look at my blog back in 2003 after that IWR passed, your eyes might begin to burn for all of my anger over the whole thing. I've done a lot of my own soul searching and maturing (I hope it doesn't show ;) since then. I see things a bit differently now, and I have also listened, as you have, for words from those leaders. John Edwards' apology in late 2005 came through clear as a bell. With Kerry in 2004, you could just tell he was sorry he ever trusted Bush with his vote for the IWR, yet there was never more than a whimper from him about it during the campaign. I can't tell you how frustrated I became - more and more by the day - by Senator Kerry's slowness to tap into the pulse of the people.

Look at this old post of mine...


August, 2004 Iddybud:

We have to ask ourselves if Senator Kerry truly believed that Bush would keep his promises to act with the United Nations to enforce all resolutions. Has he ever come out and said he was sorry he ever trusted Bush to do the right thing? We have to ask ourselves if Senator Kerry simply gave Bush far more credit than Bush deserved in October, 2002. We have to ask ourselves if it would have been better to have been a cordial statesman and give this particular president carte blanche-- or to have dug deep into the gut and place the good of the American people before any political importance? We have to ask ourselves if Kerry’s uncertainty about the true nature of the imminent threat to America caused him to give benefit of doubt to this particluar Commander-in-Chief.

We have to ask ourselves. That is the crux of the problem. We shouldn’t have to ask ourselves. Senator Kerry should be steadfastly reassuring us in order to instill our confidence in his personal beliefs about the matter. If he doesn’t do it now, he may be taken off-guard in the debates this fall.

If the Iraq resolution were presented knowing what we all know today, would Kerry still have voted “yes”? If so, why? Sending congressional authority as a strong message to Saddam Hussein may have been a fitting reason back in 2002, but why is Senator Kerry afraid to say he’d never have voted for that resolution knowing what he knows today? Would any of you readers have voted for the resolution knowing what you now know? Personally, I wouldn’t have voted for it back then and certainly would reject it today...

I think this is a topic worthy of a N.Y. Times (or Boston Globe) piece written by Senator Kerry himself.

If this important race is going to come down to the wire and Mr. Ritter’s self-described inspiration of swing voters is needed in order to choose the right candidate, (whom I see clearly as John Kerry), then I firmly believe Senator Kerry had best look all of us directly in the eye and explain how his leader’s heart and intuition lead him to the “yes” vote in October 2002 and, in the case of any ideological metamorphosis since that day, explain how it came to pass."

August 9, 2004


Senator Kerry never did write that apology.

But John Edwards did.

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