Monday, March 10, 2008

Obama Slams Hillary's Cracked-Open VP Door

I don't want to see one currently-interested and enthused Democrat sitting home on their ass [or their hands] on Election Day 2008 because they're pissed off about who got top-of-the-ticket. Hillary Clinton already sees this and has acknowledged to voters that she understands how they're feeling.

It's time for Barack Obama to do the same.

When confronted about the possibility of a Clinton/Obama or an Obama/Clinton ticket, Barack Obama said:
"..what I'm really focused on right now .. is winning this nomination and changing the country. And I think that's what people here are concerned about." - ABC News
I'm here to tell Barack Obama that he's absolutely wrong if he's thinking that the entire body of Democratic voters believe it's all about him. It isn't all about him and him alone. He's not the sole Savior of the Democratic party even though he's convinced half of the Democratic electorate that he might be. He won't increase the size of the hardened hearts of Republicans as did Dr. Seuss' tiny heroine Cindy-Lou Who, who succeeded in pumping up the Grinch's ticker three sizes in one day.

George W. Bush made the fatal error, throughout much of his Presidency, of allowing his ego to convince him that he was beloved by all when at least half the nation saw that he was deluded by self-vision. I hope I'm not seeing this character trait in Obama.

In case he's missing something, let me remind Senator Obama that Democrats are looking to both him and to Senator Clinton for maturity and leadership during what we all can see is a contentious, historic, and incredibly close primary race. They need to agree to remain open to coming together on one 2008 ticket and stop pretending they don't need one another.

They need one another.

We need THEM to show us that they both get it.

Neither candidate can close this deal. We aren't stupid. We can see it. It's so obvious!

There will be anger among 50% of Democratic voters regardless of who winds up winning this hot primary contest ... the anger won't only apply if Barack loses it.

There's no reason for either contestant to drop out. Neither one has convincingly beaten the other.

Some will question Hillary's sincerity about floating the idea of Obama-as-VP and then, days later, exposing the weakness of her primary rival with an air of uncertainty about his preparedness for the task. I think it's not to say that Hillary's ruling out the possibility of Obama-as-VP. It's still a possibility and an invitation to what could be. It serves to confuse, though.

Voters have tired of confusion and uncertainty.

The outcome of the Florida and Michigan controversy could be the fork in the road that will make or break the Democrats this November, depending on the cooperation and attitude of the two candidates and their campaigns.

The voters of the two now-orphaned states of Florida and Michigan stand to be reassured that they'll be represented .. and fairly represented at the DNCC in Denver. It's going to get tougher from here. When it comes to the end results of Florida and Michigan, my forecast is calling for a certain hurricane of anger to blow away 50% of Democratic voters unless both candidates start showing that they'll respect the choice of the other half of voters by casting a welcoming eye and warm heart to their opponent for the VP slot.

Our party cannot afford (and by all means should not tolerate) the palpable negativity and division that currently hangs over both campaigns and campaigns' supporters. I'm glad to see that Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has spoken out on the matter.

Cynical media pundits [who I believe have given the easy-pass treatment to Obama while perpetually crucifying Clinton] and even the media-pampered Obama himself are making it sound as if Clinton's a conniving she-devil for suggesting that she and Obama might run on the same ticket.

Wasn't it just three days ago that a valued campaign advisor had to resign for casting Hillary as a monster? When will the Obama campaign start getting the fact that the Democratic voting public is getting sick to death of their negativity after she's shown she's been capable of getting nearly the same amount of popular votes as their candidate .. and in key November states?

It seems like such a no-brainer that the two would be unbeatable if they could both show the ability to campaign together in a forward-thinking, mature, responsible, and committed fashion .. and agree to do so before August. Most cynics would (and do) say "fat chance" and perhaps they're right .. and perhaps the campaigns will listen to the cynics as usual ... and perhaps the Democrats will blow yet another great chance to win the Oval Office.

Marty Kaplan's conflicted and in turmoil over the idea of Clinton and Obama running together [and I say that jokingly .. read his hilarious and home-hitting piece today at Huffington Post].

Despite Rush Limbaugh's mocking threat about a lady and a black guy never being able to win on the same ticket, we aren't just talking about just any lady...or just any black guy. We know that these two will blow past McCain and rise and inspire progress for years to come. Rush is talking about a society in which we no longer live, and the numbers of voters coming out on the Democratic side compared to the Republicans are proving it.

We can only lose this if we destroy ourselves.

Right now I'm seeing Hillary Clinton as the wiser leader because, even while behind on delegates, she's welcomed Obama [and the voting public] to begin to consider the two candidates as part of an unstoppable team. Is she sincere? One commenter at the Chicago Tribune Swamp has said, "Good gracious, Hillary is just too much. She's losing, and yet is willing to dole out the VP award to the guy in first. How on earth does that make ANY sense?" The only way it makes sense is just the fact that the idea, to so many voters, makes sense .. plain and simple. That Hillary was first to suggest it is neither here nor there, but it does show a transcendence of ego and a positive attitude toward the Democratic party's electoral success that I haven't yet detected in Obama.

Obama doesn't help nor does he offer hope to those who'd wish they'd both cut the ego-crap and agree to run together:
"I won more of the popular vote than Sen. Clinton. I have more delegates than Sen. Clinton. So I don’t know how someone in second place can offer the vice presidency to someone in first place. If I was in second place I could understand but I am in first place right now."
Once again, [after what sounds to me like a statement from a haughty third-grader] he's denying just how close this race is and how neither candidate will meet the required delegates for securing the nomination by August. Worse, his attitude leaves this squarely in the hands of super-delegates which increases the likelihood that the election will be removed from the hands and hearts of the average voter. A very undemocratic thought .. especially after voters' still-lingering pain from Florida 2000.

If you build it, they will come. Field of Dreams. Remember that line?

I think Hillary's trying to build it. We want 'em to come out in droves to vote Democratic this November ..

..don't we??
Obama has already rejected the prospect of running as Hillary’s running mate, and has gone so far as to accuse Clinton of attempting “to deceive the American people just so that they can win this election — not the kind of statement that a candidate makes when preparing to accept his rival’s ‘offer’ of the number two spot on the ticket. - [VisibleVote08]
Let's hope Obama joins her instead of putting out the negative vibes that damage the party's unity and serve to give animated reality to the Obama rookie-ambition narrative that has been pumped out by Hillary-supporters.

This can no longer be about ambition and ego. If it continues, there will be anger from either camp's supporters and I think we might well kiss the winds that should've been at our backs in November a fond 'Goodbye'.

And please - to Democratic voters who are whining that they'll refuse to vote for either candidate should they make top-of-ticket - try to think rationally even if your candidate may not be responsibly leading you to think outside your individual boxes at a perilous time for the party. Losing emotion can be useful in these trying times. Ask James Wolcott.


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