Thursday, March 13, 2008

Olbermann Goes Too Far

I have to agree with Kate Stone's assessment of last night's dreadfully melodramatic performance by MSNBC's Keith Olbermann where he compared Hillary Clinton to David Duke. [While divisive garbage like this is being thrown at the American public by MSNBC's rival corporate MSM contender..and we Democratic chumps wind up taking all the damage from their ratings battle]. I happen to think Mr. Olbermann's trying very hard to please and promote himself with what he seems to think is an objective progressive crowd at Daily Kos, where he ran to post his comments from last night's Hillary-bashing segment. The tone of those comments rivaled a Sarah Bernhardt high-drama soliloquy. The deliverer of the bitter content of those comments stabbed wantonly at a Presidential candidate with a faux-rage that would've been laughable if It wasn't so careless. What Mr. Olbermann fails to realize is that there is virtually very little objectivity at the Daily Kos website as things stand in this primary race. I know. I've been a participant there for five years. Democrats are fighting there all the time now. He's catering to one side of a broken party. Isn't that kind of like Jerry Springer exploiting dysfunctional families for entertainment's sake?

Speaking of the drama diva herself..while performing in La Tosca in Rio de Janeiro circa 1905, Sarah Bernhardt received an injury to her right knee during the final scene that eventually, due to untreatable infection, resulted in her entire right leg being amputated. With his corny and Democrat-dividing performance, I think Keith Olbermann, by breaking trust with many progressives last night, may well have caused an infection that could wind up amputating his career as a credible political pundit.

Too bad. For a while he was hitting some home runs. He was the last talk-show host on MSNBC to whom I'd been giving an open-minded listen. He polluted my open mind last night.


* This is from me... a longtime blogger...a consistently objective John Edwards supporter who's hoping for the two remaining candidates to come together for the party's sake and take on some of Sen Edwards' issues instead of making me remember that he was the only grown-up on the room most of the time. This week I saw a powerful Democrat go down for spending God-knows-how much on hookers while the candidate I supported caught shit in the idiot MSM for getting a $400 haircut. I'm no longer in the mood to tolerate anyone willing to divide our party...that includes the remaining candidates and well-paid self-promoting pundits like Mr. Olbermann.

I realize that my opinion isn't the popular one, but it comes from an unbiased heart and mind. Fairness, in this case, was not given to Sen Clinton, who was delivering a heartfelt public apology as Olbermann was impulsively skewing her.. before he gave it one news cycle to see what Clinton would do. I didn't subscribe to the notion that some other bloggers have been expressing about Olbermann being "Obama's newscaster"...until last night. My party's been voting for more than just one candidate. Neither of the campaigns' surrogates have been innocent of the charge of damaging negativity.


Carla said...

I respectfully disagree.

Keith said what needed to be said.

Jude Nagurney Camwell said...

I think his approach was more like an overbearing moral crusade against a candidate than a constructive criticism. Hillary Clinton didn't say those things anymore than Obama called Hillary a monster. Clinton was apologizing in public last night while Olbermann was unfairly skewering her..making her look like she was David Duke.... before one news cycle could pass. That's wrong, Carla. It's unprofessional. If Ferraro can't be woman enough to admit a mistake, it is no longer Clinton's responsibility (with Ferraro gone) and it's not in her control.

Marc1A said...

I couldn't agree more. What a disappointment KO has turned out to be. Congratulations on losing half your audience. MSNBC has now joined the likes of right-wing Hillary-haters such as Fox News & Rush Limbaugh. Whether or not you support Obama, Hillary does not deserve the coverage she's getting from this network.
Boycott MSNBC
Blue Spot

Carla said...

See, this is exactly where we differ. Just who was he criticizing and why?

I saw the special comment more of a "hey girlfriend, your campaign is out of control and YOU have the power to fix this". And its NOT just the Ferraro issue. Its the endorsement of McCain. The, as Keith so aptly called it "shell game" of presidential threshold.

Or compare this to the Samantha Power "issue". She was gone in hours. GONE and with a very respectful apology and letter of resignation. All while Hillary was screaming "AD HOMINEM!"

In the end, I think everything that has happened over the past two weeks clearly indicates which campaign has class and which doesn't.

Full disclosure, I've never been a fan of Hillary Clinton, or "The Clintons" in general. But she has brought to life a saying my parents would spat at me as a teenager: "Carla, you are who you surround yourself with".. in other words, "choose your friends wisely"

Len said...

The whole Ferraro thing was just ridiculous. It was blown completely out of proportion.

It's the stuff that comes of Hillary's own mouth that kind of bothers me. Like when she says that only she and John McCain are qualified to be Commander in Chief. Or that "change you can xerox" nonsense.

The more I see of Hillary lately, the less I like her. It just seems that she is bound and determined to win this thing by any means necessary, even it means destroying the Democratic party in the process. Her whole attitude seems to be that if she can't be the president, then no other Democrat will be either. If she can't have it, she'd rather a Republican (John McCain, for gods' sake!) have it. And that is just wrong.

Marc1A said...

Carla, I have to respectfully disagree with you. This was an attack, plain and simple. Of course he tried to word it like it was some kind of warning because he knows there are (or at least were) Dems who support Hillary that listened to his show. As for the Ferraro issue, is Obama going to now denounce his pastor's racist remarks. After all, as your parents once told you "Carla, you are who you surround yourself with".. in other words, "choose your friends wisely". Obama must be much more aligned to the beliefs of his pastor than Hillary was to the beliefs of a Finance Mgr. As for the presidential threshold, Obama keeps bringing up one speech as pretty much his whole rationale for being president. This is supposed to show what sound judgment he has. What everybody is ignoring is that he made the speech while representing the most liberal district in IL. He was practically expected to take that stance. It's equivalent to running for office in the district that covers NY's Greenich Village or upper West Side and coming out against the war. No surprise. He himself has said that if he had access to the same info. or intel he may have voted as others did. Since coming to the Senate what has he done to stop the war. His voting record is almost identical to Hillary's. Has he held any rallies, attended any protests, held any hearings? This is his big argument why he he's suited to be president? Or maybe it's because he can unite the country? Well he's done a fantastic job uniting the party hasn't he? If can't even unite the party, how is he going to unite the country? Obama supporters are showing that they can be better at destroying Dems than even the right-wing. Criticism is fair but this media pile on is way over the top.

Elayne said...

My husband and I had been watching Countdown for about a year, and he spotted the current tendencies long before I was willing to admit them. The "special comment" show was the last one we're going to watch for a good long while, and we didn't even stick around long enough for the comment itself. He's really blinded himself during this horserace speculation crap.

Moi ;) said...

Thanks, Jude, for posting that.

Ya know, not all of us Dems are Kos-heads...I am not a Sheeple. And, Moi, former Deaniac, really hoped that Al would run, and when he didn't, I had no idea who to choose. I would like to have had a progressive candidiate this time around, but there aren't any.

So I am firmly in Hillary's camp, because of her education, autism and healthcare positions. Obama isn't progressive, not at all. But thanks to the media, you can't tell the youth of America that.

This race is TOO important for the media to screw with it like this. I am really disappointed in Olbermann, because when we finally thought we had someone GOOD in a position in the media, he goes and fs it up.