Saturday, March 15, 2008

Speaker Pelosi Should Promote Unity on ABC News This Week

Cartoon by David K. Beckwith

When we see Speaker Nancy Pelosi speaking with George Stephanopoulos on ABC News This Week tomorrow morning, my hope is that she'll take the tone of a solemn stateswoman and encourage the possibility of Democratic unity rather than tearing asunder, as she did earlier this week, the now-emerging and fragile notion about a Democratic unity '08 ticket with Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama (in whichever order). It would help her to hold on to her majority leadership status this Fall and it would plant a seed of party solidarity in a garden where weeds fertilized by voter angst and division have been choking out the sun.

Someone in this party has to play grown-up..Yoda...teacher..healer (whatever you choose to call it) here. The battle against McCain will be tough enough. We shouldn't be wringing our hands at this stage .. we should be preparing the ground for the most important election of our time.


NYT readers ask: Can Democrats Stop Their Squabbling?

There may not be as much squabbling at the website Daily Kos since Hillary-supporters, led by the diarist known as Alegre, decided to boycott the site and effectively avoid the non-productive and tumultuous scene that aggressive Obama supporter-diarists have created. For Hillary-supporters, it was the final act in an ongoing effort to strike a balance that they must've felt had become impossible to maintain at the website. A pity.