Monday, April 09, 2007

Candidates' Rhetoric Needs to Be Issues-Focused

The candidate I hope for ..

The voting public talks so much about how the nature of politics has to change because it's all that they hear. It's all that they are conditioned to ask for.

If a leader is worth his or her weight in democracy, progress, and social justice, he or she would frame their message to the people (in a way that the MSM could not avoid) to condition the voting public to start demanding change on the issues as those issues relate to their lives (including the Iraq War, for which the public has never been made to feel particularly involved in any way) - instead of a meaningless change in the nature of the politics.

We have to ask ourselves - are the individual Democratic candidates appealing to the voting public for solid progressive change - or more of a change in the nature of the horserace?

I want the candidate who best turns around the voters' thinking about why they vote for the one they vote for - despite a brainwashing media (whether the brainwashing's intentional or not) that poses a barrier to a message about anything other than wedge issues and "the horserace".

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Larry said...

Most candidates throw out a pattern remark about an issue but never really say how they would accomplish what they propose.