Monday, April 09, 2007

John Edwards Proposes Changes Toward Good Government

Good Government Should Help Economic System So Good Times Benefit Everyone

John Edwards believes that markets should serve people, not the other way around.

Senator Edwards expects that, in a Working Society, Americans who receive any form of assistance from the government should be willing to work and should be given the opportunity to work. Building on that idea, Edwards believes that the "other America" - the one that reaps the rewards off the backs of those who work so hard for a halfway decent lifestyle - is Bushworld, is unjust, and must be changed.

Corporate social responsibility is key to the new Working Society. Rather than existing in a bitter political atmosphere where corporations are distrusted, CEOs of corporations MUST be leaned on, by a leader who understands that a corporation EXISTS to survive and in truth, cares little for society, to be accountable, through regulation if necessary, to become a SOLUTION to the problems of the Working Society rather than the chief and central PROBLEM. The rigid political rhetoric of the past - no new taxes; no corporate regulation, etc - must change if a healthy democracy and a successful Working Society will be able to emerge. We have to find a better way of talking about the issues focusing on corporate America having to be part of the solution - or face more regulation. (Especially when it comes to environmental issues).

Alleviating Poverty is not Charity

As a new kind of populist, Edwards makes the all-important point that alleviating poverty is not a charity issue. The Bush administration has beaten the drums of faith-based charity being a more effective poverty-crusher than "the bureaucracy." Faith-based charity is a very good thing for this country, but it should certainly not be the primary pathway to poverty alleviation. Why? Because alleviating global poverty is key to so many other issues - especially national security in the current fear-stained era of what the right wing has unjustly capitalized upon as "global terror". All along, the Bush administration has silenced those who could put two and two together, acknowledging that poverty and economic injustice were factors in the Middle East and eventually brought 911 to our doorstep. Anyone who dared mention the fact after 911 was told to shut up and watch what they say. There were many truths we turned our knowing heads away from in those days.

Alleviating poverty is not a charity issue.

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Larry said...

Look how many jobs would be created and how much money would be saved if things like these were used.