Monday, February 18, 2008

Condolences to Family, Friends of Dr. Faughey

My dear friend Barbara was a former patient of Manhattan psychologist Dr. Kathryn Faughey, who was senselessly murdered last week while in her office helping others, as she had devoted her professional life to doing each and every day for so many years.

Words cannot express my sadness at her passing. Barbara pays tribute to Dr. Faughey at her blog.


Barbara said...

Thank you, Iddy

So many of us, her patients, are left with a tremendous hole in our souls. For 15 years, when I needed
her, Dr. Faughey was there for me. Months might pass or even a year or so before I felt the need to call
her but she was ALWAYS there, ALWAYS ready to talk to me - even on the phone. To offer advice,
to debate the irony that is life and bring her warm, genuine spirit and sense of humor to bear on any burden I brought to her.

Like many of her patients - I want to see David Tarloff dealt with. Dr. Faughey would have been more
forgiving - but I am not. My questions now are many:

- why was he out
- why are so many like him out
- what doctor or authority allowed him to walk free among us when he was a KNOWN problem

And what is WRONG with this picture? What is WRONG with Virginia Tech, the NIU shooting, and now the senseless murder of such a smart, valuable healer and lady?

I hope Tarloff is committed for LIFE. NO day passes, NO seeing the outside world again, ever.

Bringing a bag full of knives and meat cleaver is a premeditated act.

The co-op apartment he's been should be sold and all proceeds should go to start a fund for whatever the family of Dr. Faughey chooses in her name. Education of new therapists, maybe.

Why was he out walking around with all of us? And how many of him are there?

I spoke with her husband & best friend after the funeral - both were tremendous & lovely people. True examples of who she was and the people she had in her life.

I, like many, am still trying to wrap my head around the fact that she's gone. My feelings are probably minute compared to her family & friends. This will take a long time for us to process, which
speaks volumes to the expansive, compassionate and beloved spirit that she was.

(btw, she was a psychologist ;) )