Saturday, February 23, 2008

Preventing the Birth of Enemies

Understanding the benefits of meditation doesn't require a knowledge of rocket science, but it does take an open mind and a willingness to eschew the conventional, fear-based, and reactionary social tendency toward war as a first (and often futile) choice. At the macroscopic level, our universe appears to be physical. The deeper we go into the universe's construction, it is an entirely non-material world - a pure self-aware, self-interacting consciousness...a field of concentrated intelligence.

Reducing the intensity of societal stress when confronting the problem and reality of terrorism in the present time is the way toward preventing the future birth of more enemies. Accessing the power of peace within us is a million times more powerful than any nuclear force. You can call this idea a scientific neutralizing of the adversary.

There is no conventional defense against terrorism.

See this video with John Hagelin Ph.D., the quantam physisict who founded the Global Union of Scientists for Peace in July 2005 to stop the threat of nuclear proliferation and nuclear war through the establishment of large, peace-creating groups in every country - Unified Field Of Consciousness & War

Here you can view a wider scope of Dr. Hagelin's studies and conclusions about a "Peaceful Solution to Global Terrorism and Conflict.”

The lovely poster shown here is by Jenness Cortez, available for purchase at this site