Monday, February 18, 2008

Disturbed Holeman Whines; MSNBC Jumps

"Throughout the event, as Clinton made his case for his wife, Holeman’s dissenting voice could be heard. At times he simply shouted Obama’s name. When Clinton would set up a sure applause line, Holeman could be heard heckling. As soon as Clinton finished speaking, the Canton native made a beeline to the ropeline to give Clinton a piece of his mind."

- from an MSNBC report


When rude, big-mouthed opportunists like Clinton-heckler/Obamamaniac Robert Holeman ..

[the poor baby who's whining all the way to the PR-top because he got a wagging finger in front of his face from a public figure who chose to engage him when he could've just as well been tased, tackled, and arrested in today's all-too oppressive political milieu]

.. are able to capture big MSM headlines, then I think it's time we admitted that there's a public emotional atmosphere in Primary 2008 that's exposing itself as a collective mental illness that is clearly being promoted by MSM. The collective mental illness is growing and thriving in the Democratic petri-dish and MSM has the handle on nearly all the control factors in the parameters and framing in the 2008 Democratic Primary-Science Lab.

A disturbed person is getting press as if he's a rational citizen and a gentleman. I'm embarrassed for intelligent Democrats to see such tilted reporting of the incident by MSNBC online and cable television today. What ever happened to a society (and a media that ethically supported that society) whose opinion landed on the side of basic civility and good general manners toward one another?

If the former President was accosted in the Holeman-manner yesterday and we'd seen the Secret Service carting him away, would it have been as easy for MSNBC to have blamed the former President for his natural reaction? I suspect the disturbed Holeman was looking for such a reaction from the former President in order to create the negativity by which he was allegedly disturbed.

The key word here, people, is disturbed.


I took this photo of President Clinton at a Democratic rally in Fall, 2006. It's not at all unusual for him to get out with the crowd and speak graciously to as many individuals as time will allow.

It's also very much like him to express himself with his hands as well as his words.

Update: Something important is lost in MSNBC's translation by omitting certain facts. The problem is, MSNBC is framing this all around Bill Clinton, neglecting to fully detail their report and entertain the oh-so-obvious political motives of the man who caused the scene.

From conservative blogger Mark Noonan
"For once, I’m on Bill Clinton’s side in an argument."


MSNBC VIDEO interviewing Clinton agitator/heckler Holeman here [Credit: Newsbusters]
[You'll note there's no evidence whatsoever that Clinton's finger ever came near the nose of the complainant who seems oddly proud of his 15 minutes of fame in the MSNBC spotlight.]